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Feedback on the LOADays 2013 – Small but powerful

For the second year, Normation was present at the LOADays in Antwerp, Belgium, as I went there to do a talk about Cobbler, discover some new interesting projects and enjoy the awesome social event of the first day (and Belgian beer) ! This post will expose my feedback on this conference, what I saw there and which conferences interested me the most.

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Rudder at the LOADays 2012

The Normation team (well at least two of them) was present at the LOADays 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium

We had a great time here! Even though the weather was cold, our Belgian friends out here were very welcoming. The organization was perfect, the WiFi too, and the conferences very enlightening. We had the chance to meet people from very different projects, like Jorge Salamero Sanz who was speaking about Samba 4 and SSO integration, Jan-Piet Mens speaking about the modern DNS challenges, Garrett Honeycutt from PuppetLabs (which leaded a great practical initiation to Puppet) and the surprising Evgeny and his “Database is enough” presentation.

Jonathan CLARKE, CTO at Normation, was present to introduce Rudder, a Configuration Management software aimed towards simple usage and extensibility.

We also met our local friends here to share a small sandwich and a not so small beer: François BAYART / A-Kaser and Fabrice FLORE-THEBAULT / themr0c.

This 2012 edition of the LOADays was a great success, so we are eagerly waiting for the 2013 one !


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